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Timmery Turner Freeman was born into a life of adventure, whimsical curiosity, and unfiltered imagination. Born in Frankfurt, Germany to military parents, she had already traveled across the globe before the age of two. She is the product and genetic makeup of many talented artists, writers, designers, and scholars before her. She is the wife of a wild spirited visionary, and the mother of a very independent and precocious toddler. She has also been an illustrator, painter, shoe and clothing designer, fashion show coordinator, DIYER, singer, song-writer, music producer, and performer. She gets her best inspiration while spending time with her young daughter and watching her navigate through life’s little and big adventures. Timmery loves to take her readers on vividly colorful and magical rides through her comedic lens via poetry and vibrant out of this world illustrations. She is a firm believer of unicorns, magic, and dreaming out loud!

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